Updates from San Miguel de Allende

Here are some updates from San Miguel, where Dr. Malia, my wife and I have relocated to, 13 months ago.

We love it here! In particular the clean mountain air, though often cold this time of the year, greets us in the AM and there seems to often be a wood burning smell in the atmosphere too, which I prefer. A glance up seldom reveals Chem Trails, which appear often in the US. By noon, it is usually in the 70s, almost every day of the year.

The police are there for show, or to actually direct traffic, rather than to intimidate, as it seems sometimes in the states. It’s fun to walk places and often the parking is tough, so why not get out and get that execrise?

The two bags of produce that we are quite confident was picked within the last two days costs 11 bucks of so as opposed to older stuff, picked whenever and running 35 bucks fo the same amount from Whole Foods, Honolulu.

We disconnected out cable! That is something we never had done NOB. Our fountain and watching our cat cavorting in one of our multiple gardens entertains us plenty.

He have great friends and have no real intention on going back.

My wife’s mom and step-dad are happy here too, and a 10 minute walk or 3 minute drive, give or take.

The hot springs take the place of the ocean dips and we have no fear of radiation floating into the cave from Japan. I can watch my sports at the bar/restaurant 5 blocks away most of the time.

Dr. Malia is building a practice and the stress of getting the bills in has melted away since we arrived here.

Besides, we definitely seize the day, but there is always manana.

Rick Emmerich in San Miguel

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Three Guys Walk into a Bar

Three guys walk into a bar-an American, A Spaniard and a Belgian.

The TV on the right says Green Bay Packers 7, Chicago Bears O. the front TV says 0-0. Oh wait, the front TV catches up.

The gentleman on the right seems OK, puts down cigarettes, matches and a wallet and nods.

The TV on the right says Packers 14, Bears 0. Front TV becomes instant replay TV and laughs at Jay Cutler.

“You speak English?”

“Ah, yes. I am Javier, from Espain” says the man on the right.

The American nods and wonders if he will be able to head home by half time.

To the left, a man appears, fumbling up the steps, disturbing the lone bar stool and announces himself.


A Mexican across the bar starts singing loudly in Spanish to his amigo.

The amigo makes a jungle bird sound. It recurs often during live Mexican songs and juke box songs.

The Belgian adjusts his bar stool and the American moves towards the Spaniard, but not too close.

The right TV says Green Bay 21, Chicago 0.

The announcers, in How-ard Cosell voices say If this was a fight, they’d be getting ready to call it.

Well, maybe not, the American does not understand Spanish and the sound is down.

15 million people in, around or from Chicago, (including the American) blink 3 or 4 times, and realize it is still Sunday night.

“Margarita” the American says. He gestures to the Mexicans who have switched as well from beer.  (He’s not buying them one, just much respect among brothers in a small bar in San Miguel.) Yet another perfect time for a jungle bird sound.

The man on the left says “Are you watching the game?”


The distinguished and tall Belgian visitor does not like sports-only chess.”

28 to 0-anyone have a Chess Set-the American thinks.

The Spaniard is a journalist. “I’m a writer too”, the American says.

An animated discussion ensues, and manages to ignore the latest loud Mexican song.

“Gay?” says the Belgian. (The serenader and the serenadee could be married the American thinks.)

“Chica” the crooner says loudly. He apparently tells her. Wait, 35 to zero, bad guys. He tells her how beautiful she really is.

She has gotten very beautiful, the American thinks.

The Belgian and the Spaniard choose not to break the law and fumar together just outside the door. (Most people in Mexico break that law.)

“Gay?” the American thinks.

The American notices his bag below. The computer calls his name. He remembers that of his 2400 Facebook friends, 5% are fans of the dastardly men in the Green and Yellow, from Wisconsin. Nevermind.

It’s going to be 42-0 soon. The boys are back.

“What respectable professional team in any sport goes down 42 to 0?”

Mr. chess rubs his chin and ponders. The journalist thinks of something in Spanish, but does not reply.

Both TVs laugh at the Bear’s punter and the rest of the Bears.

“I like all the chicas. My heart is a big as from Guadalahara to Cabo San Lucas” says the crooner.

At least he’s not singing, think the three, or gay.

42 to 0.

More discussion. The Belgian is looking for a place, perhaps in the campo. “It is nice?”

“Sure.” (Who isn’t looking for a place in the Campo, he thinks.)

The Spaniard is on assignment from his employer-it sounds boring.

“It is boring.” he says.

The Belgian buys us a round. “OK if I buy them a round?”

Why not, I shrug. Jungle Bird sound. Song. Well, you know.

Spaniard engages his smart phone. The American tells the Belgian the difference between Western Medicine and Alternative Medicine. “My wife is a Holistic Chiropractor, she’s woo woo.”

“Woo woo?” says the Belgian guy.

“Woo woo.”

Oh look kids, it’s Half Time.

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10 Great Things about Working from Home

Personal freedom
Personal freedom. If you’re used to spending hours in traffic to and from work every day, some of the most exciting advantages to starting a home-based business are your newfound freedom and the retrieval of lost time. The average American spends 348 hours each year commuting, according to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. Suddenly with a home-based business, you have those extra hours to regain control of your personal life. Plus, there are no bosses, no dress code, no set work schedule, and no office politics to maneuver. All you need is personal drive, discipline, and time-management skills.

#1  Personal freedom

Personal freedom. If you’re used to spending hours in traffic to and from work every day, some of the most exciting advantages to starting a home-based business are your new found freedom and the retrieval of lost time. The average American spends 348 hours each year commuting, according to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. Suddenly with a home-based business, you have those extra hours to regain control of your personal life. Plus, there are no bosses, no dress code, no set work schedule, and no office politics to maneuver. All you need is personal drive, discipline, and time-management skills. Personal freedom

That said, the decision of who to partner with in your business endeavor is one of the most important that you will make, if not THE most important.  We at the Professional Home Business Academy would like to reach out to you to offer some help. It does not matter if you have your own company already, or you need one for your Primary Business. First, go to www.RickToTheMax.com and then check out our recorded Overview Call. It is 24/7 and you dial 805.399.1299 and the access code is 305660#  If you like what you hear, get started in our Pre-Lauch right away. If you need to contact me at 808.371.6501.   Rick Emmerich

Aloha, Rick Emmerich

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Two Issues: Finances & Health

That’s about it.  When my wife, Dr. Malia and I talk to people about their lives, two things keep popping up.  Now, she’s the Dr. and obviously her focus is usually nutrition, body structure, injury issues, weight and emotional concerns.  As Health & Wellness coaches, we both are interested in others’ issues.

You know how many if not most people are concerned about their health?  It’s true.  Whether they realize their diet is junk, or junk food.  Or they absolutely see that their weight has to change.  (Usually downward.)  Maybe it’s Diabetes, or the need to be more regular, or needing more energy, or wanting better moods and relief from depression.  Maybe they work out and want to recover quicker.

We can help.

A lot of people are truly behind the 8 Ball financially.  Backed into a corner, struggling.  They fall into two categories and often want to find another job.  OR, they have heard about, or experienced others that have their own businesses and want to do that.  It has been said that an extra 400 a month would help avoid most bankruptcies, car-repos and even some divorces.  OK, I added the last one, but it makes sense, doesn’t it?

We can help.

Today’s Honolulu Star-Advertiser: ‘Bankruptcies fall, but businesses, individuals still struggle’  I can relate, and that is exactly what Malia and I hear.  WE want to hear from you.  Not just listen for  a minute and then try to fix.  Perhaps it would not be a good fit anyway.  But, as connectors/networkers/coaches/listeners/Christians/friends/fun people we would actually pay attention.

We are going on a fantastic inspired journey.  Perhaps you or someone you know wants to go too.

Rick Emmerich     rickemmerich@gmail.com

(Now, I am not a good candidate for your juice, or gadget, or get rich quick scheme, I DON’T BELIEVE IN ANY OF THOSE.  I welcome correspondence, but hate spam and those that want to pitch me on some deal without knowing who I am.  I’d rather you did not send me a broadcast call, because I am tired of playing that game where I set my phone down and you are billed for the time that I allow it to play.  You then may even waste your time calling me back several times.  (That game has lost its thrill.)

After all that, I guarantee some will do those things, but it is well worth it, if someone else that wants to share and have a listener, actually gets through this disclaimer and is not afraid to respond.  And yes, even ONE person makes it all worth it.

Aloha, all the best to you.

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Thank God I…..

Thank God I had a Heart Attack.

I really wasn’t ready for the incident, but I was moving my body towards that day bite by bite of terrible food.  I loved food and ate as much of the bad stuff as I could.  I just wasn’t aware of the impact.  Brats, (that says Wisconsin, right?) beef, cheese, milk, white bread, and sprinkle in the fast food, which was more of the same, except worse.

I also drank soda, being quite brand loyal to one, the one that starts with P.  Who knows how acidic and let’s just say sludge-like my blood was,  Other than the hero of the day, coming to a gurney near you.

Thank God for my cardiologist.

That was, of course, Dr. Frank Cummins, who just HAPPENED to be there that day.  He took care of me quicker that you can say Cardio-Catherization.

When I woke up in my room, I was instantly grateful that God had spared me.  For one second I had thought “this could be it” as I was moved into the elevator at my job where this all happened.  As quickly as that came up, I thought “No, not now, not yet.”

As I made progress and went from a grayish color to pale and then more like my original self, I really thanked God in prayer.

My book is released.  I am a published author! Thank God I….. I know that I am truly blessed.  It’s a gift to be able to actually say the words.  I know that my experience is not as tough as some, and I can’t wait to read the other writers’ stories.

Stay tuned here to read more and to get the link to get your book.

Aloha, Rick Emmerich

PS  If you just happen to want to know how to lower cholesterol without pharmaceutical meds, go to www.drmaliainsma.com This company has fantastic nutritional products to cleanse, detox, clean out arteries, help with weight loss, help a person get to sleep and more.

Also, if you would like to obtain my story, just ask.

The book is called “thankGodi…Triumph through Tragedy”

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Pregnant Women and the H1N1 Vaccine-be very afraid!

I am simply forwarding this becuse it is SO important.  I have been saying LOUDLY to anyone who will isten NOT to get any vaccines.  My normal resonse when a (sweet, well-intended, entry-level) Pharmacy girl says “Can we give you your flu shot today?” is to look at them in horror and say “NO, don’t poison me” and walk away fast.”  It’s kinda fun, anyway.  Rick Emmerich  
Date: Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 12:26 PM
To: ***Mary
While everyone should be discouraged from taking the H1N1 vaccine, pregnant women especially should not take it.  There are many cases of miscarriages from taking this vaccination.  It has been proven that the vaccine doesn’t keep people from getting the H1N1 flu.  But it is likely to give it to people.  It has definitely caused many side effects and disabilities.  M.
——-Original Message——-
Date: 1/23/2010 1:05:38 PM
Getting the word out on miscarriage caused by the H1N1 vaccine

We updated the Public Service Announcement (attached)  because we are finding that some women miscarry a few weeks after getting the H1N1 but the sonograms are showing that the  baby stopped growing within a week of the shot. 

Joyce, an RN who had a miscarriage… and I are doing as many radio shows as we can to get the word out to alert women all over the country to call us.  We need more women call us to prove the harmful effects to pregnant women of the H1N1.

http://www.progressiveconvergence.com/miscarriage-cases.htm  Click this to see the cases we have collected and their sad stories.  We have 68 so far and VAERS (Vaccine adverse Events reporting system) has 110 and that is just for a few months with most doctors NOT reporting the event because they refuse to associate it with a vaccine. We need women to call us and to collect the data grassroots.

The PSA gives my email and my phone number.  Ncowmal@gmail.com  917 804-0786


If you have any friends or colleagues that are INTERNET COMMUNITY BUFFS.,,please have them viral this PSA widely on Facebook, Twitter, Inform Pro-life organizations, My space…. (Attached)  ASAP while the authorities are still vaccinating pregnant women.  We may be able to save a few with tA wide alert!  And feel free to book us on your favorite public and community radio shows!

You can send the newspaper or the radio show the attached Public Service Announcement and the following as the issue for the show.

We have nearly 200 case of H1N1 related miscarriages just for Oct-Dec. alone without doing a PSA to the public. http://www.progressiveconvergence.com/H1N1-RELATED%20miscarriages.htm

If he reads some of the sad short stories on the link below…he will see “Joyce” who is an RN.   I am asking her to join me on the other shows.She is one of the ladies who had a miscarriage and before she did she “advised” her pregnant friends to get the shot too….and she is really dealing with her complicity. 

Joyce 1/2010

Attached PSA

Joyce is an RN, working in the medical profession. She was in her second trimester and was strongly encouraged by her work place to get the flu shot… (H1N1) Novartis on Oct. 21st,  at 12 weeks into her pregnancy.  The next day she started to get flu symptoms. The baby died inside of her about a month later. She had to deliver a stillbirth at 20 ½ weeks on January 14th, but the baby measured only 18 weeks and 4 days




Attached Public Service Announcement

http://www.progressiveconvergence.com/miscarriage-cases.htm  The Data

We also produced this video below, for your information,  Vaccine Primer: Doctors Speak Out.
A month ago it was #75 most viewed in the world on youtube in the category of News/Politics; #47 most favorite in the world; #8 most view in UK and #6 most favorite in UK.  The second video is a one minute flash…of symtoms of vaccine injury with websites at the end:

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw43QDiaDnE  VACCINE PRIMER

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGhLDthbjwM  Symptoms of Vaccine Injury

Attached is the Public Service Announcement
that we need to get it out to the public in order to collect the data that VAERS fails to do.  .  Our problem is a lack of public awareness to contact us….hence, if we could get the word out virally, it would go a long way in serving our purpose of evidence based scientific statistics.

As long as VAERS fails to collect the correct statistics the CDC can continue to say the vaccine is safe for pregnant women.  We have 68 anecdotal stories and 110 VAERS miscarriages.


Eileen Dannemann
Standing director, National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW)
917 804-0786

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Hope For The Islands!

Hope For The Islands!

Guest Editorial: Kyle Bartholomew

Kyle and Joan Bartholomew with their son Brett

Kyle and Joan Bartholomew with their son Brett

(On Sunday June 1, 2008, the Honolulu Mission Team will be sent out! On that historic day, it will be my honor to appoint Kyle as an Evangelist in the Kingdom of God. Kyle was born in Hilo, Hawaii on October 2, 1981 to Jay and Cindy Bartholomew. He has an older sister Robin and two younger brothers. Throughout his life, Kyle’s passion has been basketball. Following in his father’s steps, Kyle played at the University of Hawaii – Hilo. He was a three year starter, two time All-Conference selection and captain of the team in both his junior and senior years! It was in college that Kyle was baptized by Chris Teves on July 29, 2001. Before he graduated in 2003, he baptized his brothers, Evan and Levi. On August 14, 2004, he marrried an awesome disciple, Joan Udtohan. God blessed them with Brett on March 15, 2006. Later that year, Kyle became the full-time minister for the Hilo International Church of Christ. When the Bartholomews left to train in Los Angeles in 2007, Evan and his wife Kelly began to lead the Hilo Church. This past year in Los Angeles, Kyle has been abundantly fruitful at Cal State Fullerton. With their “Hawaiian warmth” both Kyle and Joan have endeared themselves to the entire Orange County Region as their leaders. Though Kyle has remained a Cleveland Cavalier fan resisting the Lakers’ resurgence, he has become a very close friend and dear son in the faith! I am so looking forward to being “partners in the gospel” with Kyle in the Islands and throughout the Pacific Rim.) KM

“My righteousness draws near speedily, my salvation is on the way, and my arm will bring justice to the nations. The islands will look to me and wait in hope for my arm.” Isaiah 51:5

The Hawaiian Islands

In this prophecy of Isaiah, we learn that it is and has always been God’s heart to bring His righteousness, hope and salvation to the nations! God’s heart for the nations is reflected in many other passages such as Acts 1:8 – the command to take the gospel to the “ends of the earth”; Acts 2:39 – the promise that the gospel message would reach “all who are far off” (Gentiles); and perhaps most familiar, Matthew 28:19 – God’s command “to baptize… the nations”! Since I was born and raised in Hawaii, the most exciting aspect of Isaiah’s prophecy is that God’s arm will extend out even to “the Islands”!

Kyle and Joan on their wedding day!

Kyle and Joan on their wedding day!

When I was baptized as a disciple on July 29, 2001 through the efforts of the Hilo International Church of Christ (ICOC), I was blown away by the commitment, passion and love that I saw in each and every disciple. What inspired me most was the dream that each disciple shared to evangelize the Islands, the Pacific Rim and ultimately the world in their generation. In 2001, there were about 60 disciples in Hilo, 75 in Maui and around 1,000 in Oahu – every disciple believed this dream was possible, and so did I. 

Sadly, in November 2002 after the ICOC leadership’s decision to return to a more mainline Church of Christ theology, as well as the advent of the “Kriete letter” in early 2003, so many beloved aspects of “my church” began to change. Gone was a fellowship where every member was a practicing disciple of Jesus. Gone was the deep love for one another through discipling relationships. And gone was the dream to evangelize the Islands and the world.

By 2006, membership was declining at an alarming rate! Oahu dropped from 1,000 disciples to 200; Hilo went from almost 60 disciples to 38; and Maui was reduced from 75 disciples to 25. Oahu went from six full-time couples to two, and both Hilo and Maui went from a full-time couple leading each congregation to untrained volunteers, as vision and then contribution plummeted. Baptisms became extremely rare, restorations were almost non-existent and there had not been a single church planted from the Islands for over six long years. It was obvious to me that something needed to change!

Kyle and Joan on their wedding day!

Kyle and his brothers Levi and Evan!

In late 2006, I was asked by the “leadership group” of the Hilo ICOC to be the minister. They were indeed desperate as the Hilo Church had not had a baptism for over a year! Since I was untrained, I was convinced we needed additional help. Therefore, in considering which church to ask for help, I decided to attend the Portland World Missions Jubilee. I was so in awe of God so obviously working through the Portland Church, as the fastest growing church in the ICOC at that time, that I asked Kip and Elena to disciple Joan and me. Thankfully, they agreed.

One month later, the McKeans came to help us rebuild the Hilo Church’s foundation to be composed of only disciples (1 Corinthians 3:10-11). After an eventful weekend of Kip and Elena’s preaching, God left us with a “Gideon-like” twelve disciples, whose dream was to once again evangelize the world in our generation! The other 26 members, many of whom were lukewarm, started a new congregation with the help of evangelists from both the LA ICOC and the Oahu Church of Christ. Not having a baptism for over a year in Hilo, yet starting with twelve sold-out disciples, God blessed us with 20 baptisms that next year! Sadly, yet to the point, the congregation that was started in opposition to Kip’s and my vision of world evangelism through God’s plan of discipling, still has not seen a baptism to this day.

Kyle and Joan on their wedding day!

Kyle making two points for UH-Hilo!

Visiting that fateful weekend, during the calling out of the remnant, were Chris Teves and Joe and Mary Santos from Honolulu. Likewise, discouraged by witnessing only five baptisms a year on Oahu, they made the decision that weekend to start a new congregation of only sold-out disciples in Honolulu. Heart-breaking for me, after just one week, Chris Teves under overwhelming pressure from close relationships, decided to give the Oahu Church of Christ another try. Therefore, starting with only Joe and Mary, God has grown the group in Honolulu to 16 disciples!

Most impressive is that four former full-time ministers are now solid members of the remnant group: Joe and Mary Santos, Jody Tyrell (restored in January) and Chris Teves (who recently decided to rejoin us after a failed attempt to reform the existing Oahu Church of Christ).  Dr. Malia (Millard) Emmerich, who was on the original Oahu COC planting back in 1989 is a part of the Honolulu Intl. Christian Church as well.  Truly God is faithful to His promise to gather His remnant, when we repent and begin to seek Him with all our heart (Nehemiah 1:8-9).
After a long talk with Joe and Kip in the summer of 2007, Joan and I decided to move to Los Angeles to receive the training needed to lead the Honolulu Church, which will become the pillar church for the evangelization of the Islands and the Pacific Rim. We borrowed $20,000 from a home equity loan to train full-time. We have been fortunate over the last several months to lead both the Cal State Fullerton Campus Ministry and then recently, the Orange County Region. We will be forever grateful for Kip and Elena, the Comisfords, the Hardings, the Kirchners, the Underhills, the Hernandezs, Vic and Aurora Gonzalez, and many other brothers and sisters who have helped us learn how to be more effective disciples and church builders.

Kyle and Joan on their wedding day!

Jody and U’i Tyrell with their three daughters,
Makana, Sera and Gabby!

On Sunday June 1, the Honolulu Mission Team will be sent off by the Holy Spirit from the City of Angels Church to join the remnant group in Honolulu! The Honolulu Mission Team includes four incredible young men in Albert Wagers, Lorenzo Prueitt, Josh Aguirre, David Rysdet and three awesome young women in Joy Axelson of Maui, Naveh Pilate of Honolulu, and “CL” Salamanca, and of course, Joan and me. The Inaugural Service of the Honolulu International Christian Church will be held the following Sunday June 8, 2008 at 10 am at Maunakea Chapel, 1330 Maunakea Street! It is at the corner of Maunakea and Vineyard across from Zippy’s.  We would like to invite all of you who still believe in the dream to evangelize the Islands of Hawaii to join us!

This is not a matter of salvation if you are a faithful disciple, but joining us will allow us all “to win as many as possible” (1 Corinthians 9:19) through multiplying disciples as a movement of God. Our prayer is that through our efforts God will be glorified by His righteousness, hope and salvation returning to the lost Islands of Hawaii! If you are interested in joining in our efforts please give me a call @ 808-217-3904 or Joan @ 808-271-5577. Aloha!

Kyle and Joan on their wedding day!
Kyle Bartholomew

Rick Emmerich’s note.  One can certainly contact me as well for info, and questions about the church.  808 371-6501.  Obviously we’d like to invite you to the service this Sunday the 1st too.

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Thank God I had a heart attack, Pt 1/My story begins

Thank God I had a heart attack


I am a heart attack survivor. There are no letters after my name, but I WAS smart enough to marry a Dr. I want to highlight life changes that came about as a result of my heart attack. I hope to help others by letting them tell their story, which should enrich all of our lives.

We are all survivors of something and it is NOT what happens to us that is important but how we respond, rebound, regroup, revive, flourish and become remarkable, following our heart incident.

Thank God I had a heart attack!  We will release a book of the same name later on this year…..

My life before.

I am truly grateful that I had a heart attack. I did it to myself without a doubt. See How to Have a Heart Attack in 9 Easy Steps   at  http://rickemmerich.com I did everything wrong, and did it over and over again.

Some of you may relate. We thought we were in good shape. We USED to be in good shape. Back in the day I bounced at the hot night club, did aerobics, free weights, golfed, played other sports and took saunas, even rode 26 miles round-trip on my 12 speed to and from the factory job I had.   And it was 12 hours each shift.

But that was then.  (20 years ago.)  4 years ago, I had BIG issues.
1. A painful, rather sudden divorce, out of left field.
2. 2 Room mates that were crazy-yes really crazy you’ll see.
3. Bad financial dealings: bad decisions, and over-spending my earnings.
4. A condo in a state of disrepair, sliding its worth downward from the level I refied at. (Upside Down)
5. A stressful job that I did not handle well in my stressed lifestyle.
6. Lack of sleep and no quality sleep even when I did rest.
7. Terrible diet, enough said.

OK, stop, breathe, don’t focus on the negative I just threw at you. Unless you see your present life in the descriptions.

This is the first of 3 in THIS series.

My Book:  Thank God I…Triumph Through Tragedy

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Big Island (Hawaii) Pt 2/Return from Big Island

No we weren’t hypnotized, no Dragonfly Ranch, and we didn’t fly over the stinking volcano either….

We just got back from our visit to the Big Island, and we DID get some things done. It was a kind of a second honeymoon, and we did the things that honeymooners do.  We also stayed in a villa in the Hilton Waikoloa area, and we liked the place so much we bought it!  Fractionally, of course.

For those that don’t care about that part here are some of the more interesting parts.

The vog (volcanic fog) was out and for that reason and just the time factor, we did not venture over to the places we wanted to see near the volcano.  It obscured the views we would normally have.

We strolled around the Hilton Waikoloa grounds and talked to the dolphin trainer on duty.  They just had a calf (the dolphins did) and the trainers were taking turns pulling the night-watch shift.  Of course on the grounds you will see a rhinocerous and horses and a Buddha-all statues.  In the parking lots there are a lot of cats, presumably waiting for handouts.

As is common in Hawaii we saw a mongoose, and then, up north we saw, and interacted with, some horses, the real live kind.  Then, down south we saw a zebra, yeah really brah, and two longhorn steer.  They looked contented, obviously all out of their ‘normal’ territories.  It was so unusual for me, that I was walking around trying to get better camera angles, and even somehow thinking they could have been fakes.  I mean some old hippie artist could have had a field day painting the stripes on that horse to make him a zebra.  I’m pretty sure that it WAS real, (he had zebra ears) and I will have the picture to show it-soon.

Also, as we ventured down a steep incline toward a marina, and then  headed back, we ran into a family of turkeys that really had no intention of sharing their road with our rental car.  I did NOT actually ‘run into them.’

The real excitement was, as we crammed too many activities into the last day was that we almost ran out of gas.  Some places had gas pumps as we headed south out of Kona, and after a while, I realized that the gas pumps were no more.  In fact houses for the most part, were no more.  Off to the left was lava, and off to the right was a sometimes very steep decline to the Pacific Ocean.

Well we slowed a little, coasted some down hills, turned of the air conditioner and prayed.  My wife was a little stressed, and I went through all the possibilities in my head should we have to coast to a stop amidst the moon-like terrain.  They all involved hitch-hiking and missing our flight home.

Then we saw it!  The last gas station for another 8 miles, at least.  We refuled, bought some Pringles, and turned around, admitting defeat to our plan to make it to South Point, the apropriately named southern most point in the US.  For those of you who are thinking Key West, that’s the continental US.

We headed back and stopped briefly for some Kona coffee, and some Key Lime pie.  How could you not?  The bonus there was the beautiful view (even with the vog) of Kealakekua Bay.  We were in a wooden structure teetering over the cliff.  Please remind me not to be THERE when the next earthquake hits.

All in all a great trip.  I will talk about some of the natural wonders next blog…..rick    

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Dead Grandma Stinkeye

There’s a lady that says that many of our problems are due to the past issues with our ancestors….Now usually I would then put up my right hand and say whatever, but I could see that she was sincere, believing what she was saying.  Many problems, she thought involved our dead grandparents, for example and they continured to desire to connect with us from the grave.  Of course too, she could facilitate that.

That’s where I jumped off the bus.

But knowing all that, and wondering how much of me, and my life would my dead grandma approve of, I started thinking.  I mean we have approval or lack of, from our peers, our co-workers, our loved ones.  Do we seek approval from our spouses and main influencers?  God approves or disapproves of our lives, and his word (Bible)certainly spells out judgment on behaviors and our hearts.

We can pick up the Bible and read how great men in history; David, Solomon, Paul,   and yep, Jesus were in real life.  We choose, whether consciously or not, to emulate them (hopefully not all their actions) or not.  I know we have heard WWJD. What would Jesus do.  Sometimes think that, but that’s not easy to apply in EVERY situation.

What if, in situations where we are pondering which move to make, we could get an immediate reaction from Jesus, or a text message, maybe.  Or, just a stinkeye from Grandma, or even that angelic smile which I guess would be an indication of approval.  That would be cool.

Some of you may not understand stinkeye.  It seems to be ingrained in Hawaiian culture and lingo.  Famous stinkeyes;  John Belushi in Animal House.  (Although his was that mischevious varietey that told us that some really good parts of the movie were upcoming.)  The Rock does a mean stinkeye.  Once that stinkeye comes out, you’d better drop that folding chair and move away quickly.  Or you’re going to get it.

My dad did a few stinkeyes in my past.  I knew I was in trouble when the stinkeye came out.

My wife informs me that I roll out a stinkeye every one in a while.

There’s a wonderful short film “Fishbowl” done by a Hawaiian lady who died before it was even released.  It uses stinkeye in the context of kids at school and in their social development.  It’s cute, and funny as the characters deal with acceptance and lack of acceptance in their grade school experience.  It lets you peek into the world of ‘country’ Hawaiians and the language too.  I highly recommend it if you can find it.

But stinkeye as a sort of guide for life?  I don’t know.  I mean, I can’t even picture either of my dead grandmas giving me stinkeye.   

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